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Welcome to the StoppingScams house, wherever we offer radically honest, very blunt web promoting product reviews. My name’s Danyon Togia, and these days I’ll be reviewing a product known as Video Chief created by Joshua Zamora. ride has created many pretty generic claims regarding creating cash on-line with a trifle of a twist – he claims that Video Chief will assist you “Profit $500 – $1,000 Per Video By investment one in every of the most important Library of Pre-Made Videos.” He additionally claims that with Video Chief, you’ll be able to be creating a whole bunch, if not thousands of bucks in only four straightforward steps:

Log into the video vault,
Choose your niche,
Download a video,
Flip the video and build bank.
On high of those outrageous claims, he says that you just don’t want any video promoting expertise to create this work which you don’t even ought to worry regarding any cash into the video creation process; with Video Chief, you’ll be able to choose from a video library that’s apparently price a humongous $35,000!

Damn, tens of thousands of bucks only for a video library?! Let’s see if Joshua Zamora’s video promoting product is sweet enough to travel in conjunction with his outrageous sales claims.

Oh, and that i forgot to inform you one thing… I write these reviews to teach you on the ocean of web promoting fluff that’s out there on the ol’ interwebz. I do that as a result of i do know what it’s prefer to be a newcomer (plus i purchase paid to put in writing these reviews, duh). i do know what it’s prefer to be enclosed with a bunch of latest courses and coaching guides, feat you with a solid case of study paralysis; that product do you have to purchase, wherever do you have to begin, etc. I write these reviews in order that you’re not left wasting any of your precious cash or time on shitty product that ar too pricey and don’t offer enough high-quality coaching material.

Video Chief Review :

Video Chief Review In fifteen Seconds Or Less
Joshua Zamora’s video library is sadly simply a bunch of generalized videos with a chintzy, imitative proponentejection many words a few explicit product or service. I can’t see however this video library is price over $35,000 like Joshua claims in his video. It will contain videos in profitable niches, that may be a and, however it’s ultimately a lackluster and unreliable thanks to build cash on-line.

Your time and cash ar higher endowed elsewhere.

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Video Chief With 2 Upsells
There was solely 2 upsells on supply once the acquisition of Joshua Zamora’s video promoting product. These upsells enclosed a video writing software package and a product known as “X-Ranker 360” that apparently canassist you rank your videos on page one of Google at can.

Video Chief Upsells one
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Video Chief Upsells a pair of
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After skipping the upsells, i used to be taken to the Video Chief membership web site that appears a lil’ one thing like this.

Video Chief Membership web site
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The first purpose that I’d prefer to build regarding Video Chief is that the dependableness of the niches that the videos ar primarily based around.

Video Chief’s Niches ar Pretty Profitable
There ar many niches in business that ar nearly sure to be profitable merely for the very fact that they’re therefore common and they’re in areas that someone would jubilantly half ways that with their cash to induce the tip desired result. as luck would have it, Joshua Zamora did one issue properly and created certain that the niches that the videos ar primarily based around ar profitable and evergreen-type niches.

Video Chief Niches one
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In these niches, they’ve created a bunch of videos targeted around specific products/services that might be offered. as an example, within the “Business Services” niche, they’ve created videos for a cleanup service Associate in Nursingd an accounting service.

Video Chief Niches a pair of
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Here’s another example wherever Joshua has enclosed videos for a specialist and a health and nutrition coach within the “Health and Wellness” niche.

Video Chief Niches three
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However, even if Joshua has enclosed the “right” niches, he’s did not offer a trifle of flavor to the videos, as every on of the videos offered is much an equivalent thing…

Video Chief’s Videos ar just about Identical
Every one of the videos offered within the video library is basically an equivalent issue. The video contains a brief video (roughly 30-45 seconds long) with a horny proponent ejection some jargon regarding the product/service on supply. There’s no customization to the service in the slightest degree, and it primarily makes each single video precisely the same.

For example, here’s a screenshot of the video on in relevance fine arts services.

Video Chief Same Content one
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Essentially it’s simply a horny feminine talking regarding however you ought to purchase your fine arts service.

Moving onto succeeding example, we discover an equivalent woman ejection an equivalent sort of jargon, aside from a massage medical care service.

Video Chief Same Content a pair of
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And the last example I’ll use is that the same woman talking regarding however your animal coaching service is cheap, reliable, and each alternative generic claim under-the-sun that you just would’ve detected before.

Video Chief Same Content three
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As you’ll be able to see, each video has the precise same formula, that leads ME onto my next point…

How are you able to Expect to create Thousands Of bucks marketing low cost Video Content?
Joshua Zamora has enclosed a guide and some of hour-long webinars on the way to realize clients; a number ofthe fabric is pretty generalized and not essentially in relevance flipping videos just like the sales page says therefore.

Video Chief Finding purchasers one
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Video Chief Finding purchasers a pair of
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Now {this is|this is often|this will be} the a part of the method that I’m having hassle with understanding: howeverare you able to expect to create thousands of bucks flipping videos like these once you can virtually realize the precise same quality of fabric on for simply 5 buckaroos? a fast search on Fiverr stated results like these.

Video Chief Finding purchasers three
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These spokespersons ar marketing the precise same issue for a way cheaper value than Video Chief, and they’ll most likely be able to embrace your own brand too; one thing that Video Chief doesn’t supply.

And that’s it for my Video Chief Review!

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Final Rating: D
I’ll jubilantly offer Video Chief a fat, solid D for the subsequent reasons:

It’s pretty expensive for what it’s providing, that is $27.63 for access to generic promotion videos
You could most likely realize higher quality content on Fiverr for less expensive
The sales claims ar misaligned as heck; I can’t see you creating thousands of bucks flipping these videos just like the sales page says therefore.
Ultimately, it’s not a product that’s aiming to assist you build a lot of cash on-line, so it’s worthless of my recommendation.

Your time and cash ar higher endowed elsewhere!

Does it deliver?
Is it straightforward to induce help?
Contact the owner?
Step-by-step training?
Easy to follow?
Is the coaching thorough?
Is the coaching up-to-date?

Video Chief
Not suggested.

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